PvP Anpassungen Januar 2.15

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    Zitat von Naoki_Yoshida [​IMG]
    Hello everyone, producer and director Yoshi-P here.
    Thank you all for continued feedback on the Wolves’ Den PvP.
    I would like to let you know that as of now, we are considering making the following adjustments during patch 2.15, which is scheduled to be released in January. However, please be aware that these adjustments will only apply on Wolves’ Den and will not affect open world areas and other content.

    Jumping characters are difficult to hit
    In patch 2.1, new coding was introduced that will estimate the character’s position to improve response time. As a result, response time has improved drastically in other content. However, because the estimation on the character’s position does not apply to character's that are jumping, this leads to melee attacks not being counted quite often. While we continue working on this issue, I would like to ask that until this issue is addressed, please try not to use the jump as an intentional dodge maneuver against melee attacks.

    Balance adjustments on pet class/jobs
    This mainly applies on arcanist, summoner and scholar but their total ability, when taking into consideration the master and pet, exceeds way beyond other classes that it is affecting the overall balance in the Wolves’ Den. Thus several adjustments will be made to these class/jobs, but they will only apply while in the Wolves’ Den. Also to note that minor adjustments are planned to be made on other jobs based on the data gathered so far.

    Gaining advantages by joining in 3 person parties
    We are also planning to make an adjustment to address this matter. Specific details on this adjustment will be announced once the release of the patch nears. Also the exchange rate on the points required to obtain certain consumable items for PvP are a bit too high so we will be making an adjustment to lower the exchange rate.We thank you for your continued support on feedback and hope you to enjoy battling your fellow adventurers the den.

    Deutsche Kurzfassung: Es wird möglich sein als Melee einen springenden char anzugreifen, smn und sch werden schwächer, Boni beim joinen in eine 3er Gruppe und einige Items werden im Preis angepasst

    Nowa gefällt das.
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    irgendwo hatten wir nen thread mit den ganzen pvp sets und den find ich nichtmehr, seis drum...
    wir hatten dochmal gerätselt, ob der monk das set mit der schlange bekommt:
    der Löwe war ja PLD, der Bär WAR, fuchs BLM, schwan WHM, schlange vielleicht SMN, das würde gewissermaßen passen (schlangenbeschwörer und so ^^).
    das reh würde ich dem BRD zuschreiben. fehlt noch SCH und DRG.
    hier nochmal die bilder: